Congratulations to Anna Johns. Anna is one of our Welsh contingent at bootcamp and as you can imagine she took a fair bit of stick during the Six Nations tournament. Anna did as anna does which is to smile it off and get on with it..she is always smiling and is pleasure to have at bootcamp. With Tough Mudder looming at the end of this month, she upped the number of sessions from 2/3 per week to 4/5 per week so she could be ready and ready she was. During our end of month fitness testing she went BESERK! She got personal bests across the board and raised the bar not only for herself but amongst the group as well. Our infamous test, The Beast 500 she set the second fastest ever time and the fastest time by a female. She pushed herself to new limits and encouraged others to push themselves too. A great month of training, well deserved. Congrats Anna.

Starting April 11th we will be running morning sessions starting at 6.30-7.15am. The sessions are now up in the teamup schedule for to book onto. These sessions are gonna be fun, fast and get you in the perfect frame of mind to start your day!

Congratulations to Julia Thomas. Julia has a great story, back in January she won our Facebook competition for a free month of bootcamp. That is how she came to us. Since the very first day, Julia has thrown herself into everything that we have done in our sessions and has not been afraid to take on new exercises and challenges..despite finding some things tough going. Im not sure if Julia is ever going to love burpees and bear crawls but that will never stop her from trying and giving it her all. She ended up with the highest attendance in march and has made huge improvements in the fitness tests we perform once a month which is just reward and acknowledgement of the effort she has put in. She does all of this with a smile and is pleasure to have at bootcamp. Keep going Julia!